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Welcome to WEHR's Family of Listeners where we proudly proclaim the Three Angels Message.

Eternal Hope Radio is a locally owned and operated Low Power F.M. Station that covers the Treasure Coast.

We have contracted with the Three Angels Broadcasting Network of West Frankfurt to supply us with appropriate and Scriptually sound programming for your listening pleasure and information.

Many Christians and non-Christians alike are perplexed with current events. There is a reason why all this craziness around us is happening; the Economy problems, joblessness, housing foreclosures, earthquakes, tornadoes, and general instability around the globe.

Most of these questions can be answered by the Bible and the Bible alone. Not opinions, but Scripture proof.


This Website offers you four different Gateways to find your answers (all Bible Based)

1. WEHR's Home Church - Midport S.D.A.org

2. WEHR's Affilliate Network of Radio and Television (3ABN)

3. WEHR's Online Bible Topic Study Bible Online.com

4. WEHR's Current Event Studies Amazing Facts.com


Hopefully this Ministry will bless you and your family and make some sense of all the chaos around you. This program is made available throught the generosity of listeners like you. Please go to the Donation link and support your Local Radio Station WEHR100.7 With your gift.

Thank you and God Bless You.


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How To Help

Donations are how we can continue to offer God's Message to the people that need it.


Donate now and your tax-deductible gift helps keep all your favorite news, information, and music programs about the gospel on the WEHR Eternal Hope Radio station.

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